Xion Cash Review: Xion.Cash Reboot of a Fake Marketing Company

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Xion Cash Review: Xion.Cash Reboot of a Fake Marketing Company

Xion Cash is a multifaceted company that is claiming to provide a variety of services and profits via different channels. The website of the company, Xion.Cash also describes the company as a highly modern and innovative platform that allows its users to generate profits in numerous different ways.

However, the company has a very suspicious history because its owners were involved in a Ponzi scheme that collapsed a few months back. Keep reading this article to get all of the important information about Xion Cash and whether you should invest in this platform or not.

What is Xion Cash?

Xion Cash is describing itself as an easy and efficient method of creating money on the internet. Xion.Cash states that you can earn money through this company with the help of the following three main methods:


This method involves completing tasks on the internet and earning a variety of rewards. You will be given certain tasks by Xion Cash that you will have to perform online. Such tasks are quite simple. For instance, installing a mobile application, or playing a game for 20 to 30 minutes and test for bugs.

However, the catch is that you must invest a certain amount of money before getting such tasks or making any considerable profits. In fact, Xion Cash is asking for at least $20 in investment to allow users’ participation in the income structure of the company.

Programma di riferimento

The referral program is the primary component of Xion Cash. It is claiming to be using a comprehensive affiliate marketing system like Amazon and eBay. Xion.Cash is encouraging people to invite their friends and family to the company and earn additional profits.


The company keeps emphasizing the importance of their referral program. Yet, it does not provide any further information about how such payments will be distributed among the members. It shows that the company is using such schemes as free marketing tools to make people promote the company in the name of referral programs. Xion.Cash even states that referral programs allow you to earn unlimited passive income.

Altri metodi

Xion Cash is claiming to have many other ways of providing profits to the members. Such methods include recruiting other members, maintaining a binary team, participating in a casino, and playing lotteries through Xion.Cash. However, there is no proof that the company is capable of providing profits through any of these methods.

These kinds of tactics show that even though the company does not have any unique marketing points, it is still trying to present itself as some kind of sophisticated and profitable platform.

You should not invest in Xion Cash because it cannot offer any considerable amount of profits. Instead, you should think about investing in società di mining cloud crittografico. These companies have safe, legal, and reliable services for the mining of crypto coins and help you in generating good profits.

Owners of Xion Cash

Xion.Cash never mentions any specific name of a person who is running the company. However, it states that Bartosz Nafalski is the chief consultant of the platform. It is important to note that a few years before, Nafalski was running Omega Group. It was a Ponzi scheme that collapsed due to a lack of recruitment.

There is a very high chance Nafalski is not only the chief consultant of Xion Cash but also the founder of the company. The collapse of Omega Group was brought attention to the fraudulent business model. According to an estimate, about 100,000 investors were cheated by Omega Group.

Soon after the collapse of Omega Group, Xion Cash was established. Another person behind this company is Alexander Saveliev who mainly promotes the company in Russia. The analysis of the company shows that the majority of the traffic is from Ukraine. Moreover, the official Facebook page of the company is running from Ukraine.

Income Structure of Xion Cash

Even though the initial affiliate membership of Xion Cash costs $20, you also have to invest at least $500 to $16,000 to earn about 0.6% daily ROIs. This is a very huge amount, especially when compared to other similar platforms. The company has its own way of dealing with money.

Xion.Cash states that it uses Noix points for internal money exchange. 1 Noix is equal to $1. However, such points have no value outside this company. It simply means that even if you are getting daily ROI in the form of Noix points, you will not be able to use them in the market.

The company is asking users to perform various tasks to earn Noix points. Moreover, it provides the following breakdown of the referral commissions:

  • Invest $500 to obtain a 6% commission rate.
  • Invest $1000 to obtain a 7% commission rate.
  • Spend $2000 to obtain an 8% commission rate.
  • Spend $4000 to obtain a 9% commission rate.
  • Invest $8000 to obtain a 10% commission rate.
  • Invest $16,000 to obtain 11% commission rate.

Even though Xion.Cash is mentioning all of these investments in USD currency, but in actuality, your investment will be converted into Niox points. Such points do not hold any value outside the company. Therefore, you should not be expecting to make use of such a commission rate.

The surprising fact is that the company is not even providing any data about how many points can be used by users. This kind of lack of information shows that the company is only using Niox points to scam people.

Commissioni residue

Xion Cash is also promising residuel commissions through a conventional binary matrix structure. An affiliate is at the top of a team while two positions are located under the affiliate at the first level. Splitting of the positions creates more positions in the subsequent levels.

The company is heavily promoting the fact that both direct and indirect recruitment is supported by Xion Cash. Moreover, it has not restricted the number of highest possible binary level.

Many other bonuses and commissions are also offered in the name of matrix commissions, rank-based bonuses, and recruitment commissions. All of such measures indicate that the company wants to attract as many people as they can before its imminent collapse.


The entire analysis of Xion Cash shows that there is nothing new about Xion.Cash. In fact, it is a reboot of the Omega Group, which is a Ponzi scheme. This platform is using Niox as the primary currency of the company which has no real value in the market.

The purpose of using Niox points is to keep giving them to the users and create an illusion that they are generating profits. In truth, such points are useless and Ponzi points are designed to attract more investors.

Affiliates will invest in the company with the hope of earning profits but their investment is converted into Niox points. Since you cannot withdraw such points in real currency, you will not be getting any profits in reality.

Moreover, the entire business model is associated with a recruitment and referral program. It shows that the company does not have any other source of generating revenues. As a result, the company will collapse at any time due to a lack of recruitment, just like Omega Group.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you do not invest any money in Xion Cash. Instead, if you want to make good amount of profits, you should invest in società di mining di criptovalute. Such companies use reliable and efficient crypto technology to help you mine your own coins and earn maximum profits. 

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